"The food at the Tahitian Noni summer party was I-N-C-R-E-D-I-B-L-E! The steaks were the best they have ever been. There were lots of compliments on the creative details you added, like the striped straws at the milk shake booth. We appreciate that we can always depend on you and the quality of your food and work." ~ Steven Story

"Mere words don't seem adequate to express our appreciation for the delicious food at the outdoor reception we had for our son and new daughter-in-law! A constant theme throughout the evening was the outstanding food everyone enjoyed, and many of those who attended said it was the best food they had ever had at a reception! Kudos to Marvellous! Your attention to every detail was helpful to us, especially when we noticed that the line of people continued to wind down the lane with never-ending friends and family members. When I experienced a sense of, "Will we have enough food," your calm and professional manner was reassuring and comforting! Thank you!" ~ Keith and Sally Read

"Any event is enhanced and impressive when catered by Marvellous Catering. Whether serving a large event at the Capitol, backyard wedding or corporate event, Marvellous Catering has the perfect menu of fantastic food. There food is alway beautifully presented and served by a pleasant and professional staff. I am so impressed by every aspect of their operation, I would highly recommend Marvellous Catering to anyone." ~ Margaret Dayton, Utah State Senate

"For the past few years our family has used the services of Marvellous Catering. They have catered for many large open houses (500 people), intimate dinners, office parties, club luncheons, birthday parties, Hawaiian luaus, and a grand scale wedding (1000 people). At every event the menu, food, and presentation were excellent and 'just right.' Jack and Jeannine's friendliness, personal charm, and professionalism set all guests at ease. Our family and friends comment and rave about the food, weeks later. Jack always has original and unique recipes and is not content with the ordinary. The appeal of his food is not only in the taste, but in the beautiful and attractive presentation. We highly recommend his services." ~ Stephen and Sandra Covey

"Marvellous Catering is just that - Marvelous! We use them many times a year to cater our events. The courteous and professional staff always arrives on time. They are prompt and prepared. The food is always delicious. They have so many great choices on their menu it makes it difficult to decide which selection to make. From my experience I have learned that which ever selection you choose, it will be delicious!" ~ Amy Bowden, Operations Coordinator, Neways International

"Working with Marvellous Catering is a guaranteed quality experience. History has proven that the menu selections are sure to wow the group and the service will certainly be impeccable. Every time Marvellous has catered for us multiple people comment that the food is the best they've had. I can completely trust that the 'Marvellous touch' will be a crowd-pleaser." ~ Chalyce Valgardson, Business Development and Recruiting Coordinator, Ernst & Young LLP

"I can't remember how I actually found or came to know Marvellous Catering. All I know is from that day forward my catering and event needs were magically and 'marvellously' turned into a stress free, delicious, wonderful experience! Year after year, event after event, they continue to provide service and meals beyond any catering service I have used in Utah, or out of state. This is a hard working, amazing family team that can literally make anything happen. I highly recommend them for any and all of your catering needs. You will always be amazed and never disappointed. The highest quality, professional catering service in Utah Valley, or anywhere!" ~ Lisa Oakley, Manager, Employee/Client Events, DHI Computing Service, Inc.

Our company has been using Marvellous Catering for nine years and running now. They are incredibly versatile. We have used them for large events with more than 2000 employees and for smaller events for fewer than 60 employees. They are very accommodating. They are always willing to work so well with us and our many different ideas. They are great taking our ideas and then really running with them, helping us complete the ideas and really making them something spectacular. They are a very creative group. Above all, Marvellous makes the most delicious food in the valley. They are able to do this regardless of the size of the group. They have cooked food for our events with 2000 people that has been amazing! We have worked with them on breakfasts, brunches, snacks, lunches, and dinners. We have worked with them on simpler menus and richer menus of filet mignon and sauteed shrimp. It has all been incredible! Not only are they creative designers and incredible chefs but they are also wonderful people to work with, always willing to help out with whatever is needed. They have been known to jump in and lend a hand in things that have nothing to do with their responsibilities. Marvellous Catering has been and incredible business partner and we would highly recommend them to anyone. ~ Gary Williams, Tahitian Noni

Traverse Mountain became acquainted with Marvellous Catering approximately seven years ago and since then we haven't ever used another catering company. Their food is consistently 'out of this world' delicious, fresh, and creative. Their service is just as superb - you feel as if you are working with your own family. They can handle any group size, be it small and intimate of for hundreds of people, with the same continuity and ease and we always know we are going to be completely happy and satisfied with the event. If you're looking for food that is 'better than homemade'... Marvellous Catering will never let you down, in fact you'll find yourself having cravings for every dish they make - they are just that good! We recommend them over any catering business in the state! ~ Cindy Fitzgerald, Traverse Mountain

Thank you so much for the WONDERFUL food and EXCEPTIONAL service for our event on September the twenty ninth. We heard nothing but raving reviews from both the members and staff. As always, you are wonderful to work with. ~ Samantha Taylor, Event Coordinator, Young Living Essential Oils